6 Reasons You Should Be Building a Stockpile of Pantry/Shelf Stable Items

Having a really well stocked pantry has gotten us out of a pinch more than once (no pun intended). We’re both big believers and keeping some staples around It makes cooking much easier, saves us money in the long run and comes in handy in the case of a minor or major emergency. Let’s talk about why exactly it’s such a great idea.

6 Reasons You Should Build a Stockpile for Your Pantry

Reason #1: Convenience

Do you ever have one of those days where you know you should head to the grocery store, but you just don’t want to? We have those too… and a well stocked pantry allows you to cook up some delicious meals even when you haven’t made it to the store yet this week.

It also makes meal planning and your regular grocery shop trips much easier. When you already have the basics like flours, spices, canned good and the likes covered, all you need is to grab some fresh meat, dairy and produce from the store and you’re done shopping.

Reason #2: Save Money But Stocking Up On Sales Items

Once you get your pantry set up and know what you’re using you can take advantage when non-perishable items go on sale. Yes, it takes a little extra money to set up your pantry in the beginning, but once you’re set up, you will start to save big by being able to buy things like flour, oil, cleaning products and even canned goods and the likes only when they go on sale or you have a great coupon.

Reason #3: Build A Food Safety Net

Having your own stock of food is a great safety net. Let’s say you get sick and can’t make it to the store for a few days. The food in your pantry will keep you going. Or what about a big snowstorm, or a power outage that lasts more than a few days. We had one of those last winter and stores were closed for a good 3 days because there was no power for the doors, lights, cash registers etc.

Having a well stocked pantry will have you eating well no matter what happens. It gives us a lot of peace of mind knowing we have something to fall back on when getting more food just isn’t an option for one reason or another.

Reason #4: Eat Well Even When You’re Broke

A well stoked pantry and freezer are also a God-sent when you’re out of money before the next paychecks rolls in. Or what about those times when unexpected expenses hit and you need to pay for them with your grocery money?

Having some food already in the house, even if it’s just beans and rice, will keep you going and keep your family fed during those lean times. Just be sure to replenish your food stores as soon as you can.

Reason #5: You’re Prepared When Unexpected Company Arrives

Do you ever have family or friends stop by unexpected? It’s nice to be able to stretch whatever you’re already cooking or whip up a batch of simple cookies to serve them. Or what about your kids friends? If they are anything like ours, they’ll show up for the occasional meal. And teenagers can consume an insane amount of food and always seem to be hungry.

With a stocked pantry and freezer you’re never caught unaware and with a little creativity you can always come up with a way to stretch a meal or whip up a snack. Cook up some rice and serve it alongside your stew or whip up and bake a cornbread or a batch of biscuits. Both can be made from nothing more than pantry ingredients and a little milk and an egg (for the cornbread, not the biscuits ) With a stocked pantry, you’re prepared, no matter who shows up on your doorstep hungry.

Reason #6: It’ll Keep You From Ordering Takeout

Last but not least let’s talk about what made the biggest difference for our families since we’ve purposely stocked our pantries with foods we like to eat. We’re eating almost exclusively at home. There’s no need to drive over to the fast food place at the corner, order Chinese takeout or call for a pizza delivery.

You’ll be eating healthier home cooked meals more often when it’s easy to make them and everything you need is waiting for you in your kitchen. It’s easier to cook up some pasta with sauce and a side of green beans or broccoli than drive to get takeout. It’s faster than pizza delivery too. Not to mention that it’s better for you and your family and will save you a bundle throughout the year.

Do we have you convinced yet? Stay tuned for part two where we’ll share our best tips for getting started with a stocked pantry.

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